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why i want to help you

As a professional landscape designer for many years working at design/build firms in both Los Angeles and Seattle, I have come across all sorts of stories about how people went about landscaping their homes. Too many of these stories start off with “we wish we had known you before we spent $$$$ and trusted our plans to horrible Designer/Contractor X” or “if only we had known”…

Now, as the owner of my own landscape design and consulting business, my agenda is to help homeowners make the most of their money, time and ideas. I am offering my expertise to help people save themselves the unnecessary heartache associated with a frustrating construction project.

I can offer industry knowledge and years of practice to help start your project off well. We meet at your residence, do a tour of your property and talk about what you hope to accomplish. This could be anything from building a fence on the weekends with your spouse to hiring a licensed landscape architect to craft up a full overhaul for your property. Regardless of the size and scope of what you are hoping to do, I can help you to be aware of the costs and timing associated with your ideas before you go hunting for the perfect lumber, designer or rock quarry.

I believe it is always better to start a project prepared.

Call 323.496.6375 or email Twiggypop Ranch at and let me help you get started…