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building landscape where it doesn’t grow naturally

Landscape is not just about living plants. People are very vocal to speak about how important the soil conditions, light, temperature, biota, etc. are to plants and landscape. While all of these are extremely important to the long-term sustainability of your garden, they are not the complete package. To really pull together a landscape to remember you need something special. Bare in mind that this ‘something special’ does not necessarily have to be a high culture, elegant design element – it could be something to add a moment of comic relief or give your eye a break from what it is expecting. The follow two images show one of these moments.

can you see the box between the flowers?

Recently I was at a hotel that had an entryway that spanned two sides of a street with a walkway between the two. Along with the typical hotel landscaping, the facility also had some practical utilities that had to be accommodated in the walk area. Instead of simply trying to hide the electrical box with rangy plants, the designer painted the box to look like it grew there. It is silly and I love it! It is disguised just enough to make you look twice, but not so overdone that you see it glaring at you.

the 360 degree painted garden

Special moments in landscape do not have to take over and overwhelm the whole view. Nor must they be avoided to make the landscape look nice. The more important point is to place elements well and do it with intention.

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  1. Hi there, thank you so much for a seriously enlightening
    article, I don’t in general attach responses but enjoyed your blog so thought I would say thanks for your insight – Holly


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